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Oven Cleaning

Ovens can be among the most expensive items to purchase for your home
but the cleaning and maintenance of them is often overlooked.

Having your oven and other appliances cleaned by Cookerburra Oven Cleaning Services (North Oxfordshire) on a regular basis will prolong their life and ensure they are working efficiently. 

Why have your oven professionally cleaned

  • Gets to the parts of your oven you can’t including the fan and the door
  • Removes all burnt on carbon, grease and bacteria safely
  • Prevents fires, smoking and smells
  • Ensures your oven works efficiently
  • Prolongs the life of your oven
  • Shop bought products can damage your oven
  • It saves you time 

Cleaning your oven

Are you ready to experience the benefits of a professionally cleaned oven? We understand that many of our customers are new to this service and may have questions about the process. Let us put your mind at ease.

When our team visits your home, we take great care to protect your floors and work surfaces before we start the cleaning process. Our experienced technicians will remove the oven doors and strip the oven of all removeable parts, including racks, rack supports, seals, light covers, side and back panels and the fan. These parts are then transferred to our specially equipped van, where they are soaked in a heated tank filled with our own brand cleaning solution.

While the parts are soaking, we focus on cleaning the door and the inside of the oven. We go the extra mile by separating the inner and outer glass panels of the oven door to ensure a thorough clean in between. We apply our own brand of de-carbonising gel to the interior of the oven, effectively eliminating stubborn grease and grime that ordinary shop bought products can’t handle.

Once the cleaning process is complete, we reassemble the oven and hob, ensuring that everything is in perfect working order. Our meticulous attention to detail extends to all surfaces, including glass, stainless steel, enamel, and aluminum, which are polished to a brilliant shine.

At Cookerburra Oven Cleaning Services, we take pride in using specially developed cleaning solutions that are not only highly effective but also odourless and leave no residue behind. This means you can start using your oven immediately after the clean is finished, without any worries.

Before we finish will invite you to inspect the oven and ensure that you are completely happy with the results. Only then will we proceed with the payment process.

Ready to book your oven clean? Click Here to schedule an appointment and discover the transformative power of our professional cleaning service.


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